Writerly Collaboration

I enjoy spending time with people, talking and sharing ideas, laughing, being outdoors, EATING, drinking wine or brew… but by nature, I’m more the lone wolf. My grandmother taught me as a little person how to entertain myself. I have enough reading materials to keep me busy a couple of lifetimes, and enough writing ideas…… Continue reading Writerly Collaboration

Man of Steel: Have All the Good Stories Already Been Told?

Last Thursday was my son’s birthday, and he wanted to go see a movie. In a theater, not in our house. I could only dig in my heels slightly when he said he wanted to see “Man of Steel.” After all… it was his birthday, so I had to be a good sport and push down my desire… Continue reading Man of Steel: Have All the Good Stories Already Been Told?

Energy Efficient Appliances… Is it Me?

I am all about taking care of Mother Earth and better stewardship and doing my part. I own an energy-efficient washing machine and dryer. I even received a tax credit for purchasing appliances that were “energy star” or some-such. Joke is on me. And I’m sure I’ve more than spent that credit… on the electric… Continue reading Energy Efficient Appliances… Is it Me?

Doctor, I’m Experiencing Creatile Dysfunction

I wonder how long it will be until pharmaceutical companies conjure up a little pill to end creative slumps. Here is my creative contribution, a medical term they can latch onto: creatile dysfunction. I am at present experiencing creatile dysfunction. My symptoms are: racing thoughts about getting through the holidays, inability to concentrate on anything more creative than… Continue reading Doctor, I’m Experiencing Creatile Dysfunction