Doctor, I’m Experiencing Creatile Dysfunction


I wonder how long it will be until pharmaceutical companies conjure up a little pill to end creative slumps.

Here is my creative contribution, a medical term they can latch onto: creatile dysfunction.

I am at present experiencing creatile dysfunction. My symptoms are: racing thoughts about getting through the holidays, inability to concentrate on anything more creative than cookie dough, lack of words written and a complete brain freeze on fresh ideas. Symptoms, if left untreated, can lead to creative paralysis, a condition that requires medical, psychological, theological and voodoo priestess intervention.

Really, I think a remedy for creatile dysfunction could be a blockbuster drug. We all want to create and produce more-better-faster, and a little pill you poke into your mouth once a day seems like such a simple thing to do for such creative richness.

How about you… have you exhibited any symptoms of creatile dysfunction?

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3 responses to “Doctor, I’m Experiencing Creatile Dysfunction

  1. Hmmm… This post took some creative thinking. So, where’d you get your pills?

  2. OK, my sides are buckling. Nicely done. Obviously, you have no creative problems whatsoever. You probably just need to struggle on through the season that most writers dread.

  3. Yes, holiday creatile dysfunction. See what John Steinbeck said about ideas:

    Ideas are like rabbits.
    You get a couple and learn how to handle them,
    and pretty soon you have a dozen.
    – John Steinbeck

    Now, all I need is a couple.

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