My Freaky, Icky, Ew List

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If anyone were to overhear the conversations of a group of writers when they get together, they’d either run away in terror or notify the authorities – or both. There’s something to be said about having the freedom to say whatever is on your mind in the name of artistic expression that is absolutely, imagination-satisfyingly delicious.

And at times, unnerving due to the bends and twists it sends your mind on.

From one of these eclectic conversations, I discovered I have a freaky, icky, ew list. This list comprises the things that terrify me. In no particular order, my top 3 are:

1- Eyeball damage of any sort

2- Rabies

3- Demonic possession

So, I can’t remember exactly because there was wine at this particular meeting, but I believe I have been tasked with coming up with a story that includes all three.

I’ll try, but I don’t know if I’m ready for the nightmares…

Please do share… Do you have a freaky, icky, ew list? If so, what’s on it? Really, I’m burning with curiosity to know!

2 thoughts on “My Freaky, Icky, Ew List

  1. Okay, eye trauma doesn’t bother me. I wear contacts so my fingers are poking in there every day. Rabies, I’ve already had my shots after being bitten by a bat in the third grade. (Hmmm… maybe this is what’s wrong with me?) I do agree demonic possession doesn’t sound like much, but even worse than that, and the thing that tops my Scary Ick list, SPIDERS! Which I know is irrational and completely ridiculous. It doesn’t matter, I still run screaming whenever one comes looking for me. And they always do. Freaks me out that no matter where you are in the world, you are never more than six feet away from an eight-legged freak.

  2. Freaky, Icky, Ew List — definitely! I can handle a lot of gruesome, yucky things, but one thing that definitely turns me off is detailed descriptions of bodily functions. You know—boy stuff. Those things that boys pretty much do daily—dirty underwear, magazines pages stuck together, eating anything left out on the counter no matter how old or green it is.

    Oh, and get a bunch of boys together, aka fraternity stuff, and I’m like ‘see ya’ — so gross.

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