Welcome, Sweet Muse

A Literal Writer’s (nook) Block

For too many reasons to count, I’ve had writer’s block. A stab at creative writing here and there but nothing stuck. No ideas came. I write to earn my daily bread, so it wasn’t a complete shutdown. However, it was alarming to have the creative well become parched for such an extended amount of time. I released the clenching angst I felt and accepted that if it was dry forever, then so it would be.

My words poured into copious amounts of prayer. A slow shifting began. Proverbial lines were drawn in the sand. A rekindling of my true, full Self took root.

That’s what draws the Muse. That true, full Self. The unclenching of heightened, tight energy. The exhale.

Writer’s Nook – Ready

Clarity of mind led to a clearing of the literal block I’d created that reflected my internal mindscape.

Welcome back, dear Muse – I’m ready to work.