Welcome, Sweet Muse

A Literal Writer’s (nook) Block

For too many reasons to count, I’ve had writer’s block. A stab at creative writing here and there but nothing stuck. No ideas came. I write to earn my daily bread, so it wasn’t a complete shutdown. However, it was alarming to have the creative well become parched for such an extended amount of time. I released the clenching angst I felt and accepted that if it was dry forever, then so it would be.

My words poured into copious amounts of prayer. A slow shifting began. Proverbial lines were drawn in the sand. A rekindling of my true, full Self took root.

That’s what draws the Muse. That true, full Self. The unclenching of heightened, tight energy. The exhale.

Writer’s Nook – Ready

Clarity of mind led to a clearing of the literal block I’d created that reflected my internal mindscape.

Welcome back, dear Muse – I’m ready to work.

By Desiree Smith-Daughety

Desiree Smith-Daughety lives just a short paddle away from the Chesapeake Bay. She has been published in diverse publications including Up.St.ART Annapolis magazine. Her home is in words and in the beauty and mystery of the natural world. She has published two nonfiction books.

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