Paranormal Animal Encounter – Part I

Back in October, for a couple of nights in a row, I felt the tell-tale pressure of something small moving along the mattress next to me as I got ready for bed. I waited for Vlad, my year-old cat, to settle atop the comforter.

No feline settling happened, just what felt like more tentative steps. Lying on my right side, I craned my neck to look over my left shoulder, but no Vlad. I attributed it to a trick of my imagination.

The next night, the same occurrence. “Vlad?” No answering purr. I looked over my shoulder and once again, nothing there. I settled back on my side, and the feeling of something moving lightly, a weight on the bed, resumed.

I got up the following morning and did what anyone would do: went to Google for a sanity check, as there had to be a rational explanation.

Typing in a query of “feeling someone is in bed next to you,” I got a potpourri of answers to sift through (and was grateful I didn’t get some really obscene results). The ones that fit best concerned animal spirits of lost pets coming back to check on you.

I was on the fence over that theory until I realized two things. My beloved cat Gizmo had to be put to sleep five years ago the same month. Also, Vlad did not sleep in my room either of those two nights.

I’m curious to know: Have you ever had a paranormal pet/animal experience? Please share if you have or know someone who has!



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