The Corn Maze

You’ll never pass a field of corn and think of it the same way again!

Waterfront Writers

The Corn Maze

Jacey wrestled the end of her tail out of the closed door before turning the lock. She was more than thirty minutes late, thanks to her tail. This was the second time she’s gotten it caught–once in the bathroom door and now in the front door. Not to mention the glass of wine it had toppled. Jacey had considered changing out of the sexy cat costume, but the only other option she had was Dorothy. And that outfit was too cliché for a farm turned Halloween haunt.

Why was she rushing to meet up with friends at a corn maze anyway? She’d rather be almost anywhere else. Flirting with the new bartender at Red Tap was at the top of her list.

I promised Amy.

Settling behind the wheel of her beat-up Honda, Jacey jerked forward to adjust the end of the tail now sharply poking her in the back…

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