Collaborative Duo Share their First Experience

Waterfront Writers

First times hold a special place in any writers’ heart. The first time they finish a novel, the first time they see it in print, first five-star review, first fan letter—first royalty check. Writers tend to remember these firsts, and more, with great reverence.

As most of you know the Waterfront Writers’ duo was invited back in February to present at the 2015 Mid-Atlantic Fiction Writers Institute. Over the course of the months that followed, they developed a collaborative writing workshop based on their experience writing Two Weeks to Rites, a web series featured here, as well as other pieces. Sandra R. Campbell and Desiree Smith-Daughety have been on several author panels, at numerous conferences, but what you might not know is that this was their first time developing a full-length workshop and presenting as a team.

The MAFWI conference was this past August, and luckily our beloved…

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