W.I.N.O. – Raise a Glass

Have a suggestion for a favorite wine? Let us know!

Waterfront Writers


Everyone knows writers like wine. In fact, most artists have some sort of creative vice. For the Waterfront Writers team, those vices also include caffeine and exercise. Nothing breaks through writers block like an hour of physical exertion. But wine is still their first go-to, or at least it is for one of them. Twice a month, Sandra R. Campbell and Desiree Smith-Daughety meet to discuss present and future writing projects. This brainstorming session is affectionately referred to as W.I.N.O. – Write In Night Out. Along with their laptops, pads of paper, and pens, wine is a frequent, if not necessary, ingredient. As there’s no better way to shut out the real world and indulge in the fantasy life bustling around in their big writer brains. It was during one of these laughter-rich meetings that they found a way to involve readers in more than just their stories. Since they…

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