WIP Character Blog Tour

And my other WIP – this one a collaboration!

Waterfront Writers

Fabulous fiction author, SANDRA R. CAMPBELL, invited Waterfront Writers to join the Meet My Character WIP Blog Tour. Check out her original dark urban fantasies, Butterfly Harvest and Dark MigrationHERE!

And now for the characters from our latest work-in-progress…

trinityWhat are the names of your main characters?

Sloane Price and Megan Cassidy are fictional characters.


When and where is the story set?

The story is set in present day, a small bayside Maryland town with a bloody past. Close to Point Lookout, where thousands of Confederate soldiers died in a prison camp and were buried in a mass grave, sits a nearly abandoned house. This is where our characters reside while trying to meet their two week deadline for their first commissioned screenplay.

trinityWhat should we know about Megan and Sloane?

Megan Cassidy is a prolific best-selling author in the suspense/thriller genre. Her writing career is at its…

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