TWO WEEKS TO RITES – Chapter Thirteen

Ever try to accomplish something and had nothing but distractions pop up? See what’s distracting Sloane and Megan from their goal this week…

Waterfront Writers



Sloane had been dreaming of turbulent, shark-infested waters when she rolled over and hit ‘Ignore’ on the ringing cell phone.

Sitting up, she grimaced as her head screamed in retaliation. After the night she had, she was prepared to feel like crap. Sloane eyed the purple bruise on her arm and reached for the nightstand where she’d left a bottle of water and four aspirin. She wasn’t looking forward to the multitude of problems she’d have to face today. Stevie’s arrival could ruin everything… would ruin everything, if Megan couldn’t stand up to him. Not to mention the un-welcoming house-ghost issue.

Sloane figured they were both in denial about that one.

By the time Sloane swallowed the pills, her phone was ringing again. Only this time it wasn’t the theme song to Jaws.


After a lengthy shower and a solid primping session, Sloane made her way…

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