TWO WEEKS TO RITES – Chapter Eleven

Originally posted on Waterfront Writers:
“Something touched you?” Megan asked, edging closer to the basement stairs. Sloane raised the floppy sleeve of her shirt to reveal the bruise taking shape on her arm. Shades of purple and blue darkened her skin in a mark that resembled a wide palm and several long fingers—a handprint too…

Drawn to the Dark and Creepy

When I was a younger smart-alek, I used to flippantly tell my mom in response to her fears for my safety, “I’m growing up in the house of Chicken Little.” In case you never heard of Chicken Little, he was the star of his own story: a little chicken who was… chicken. Everything was a… Continue reading Drawn to the Dark and Creepy

All I Need is a Little Art…

It’s gray and blah, and maybe that’s why I’m craving a little art and beauty in my life. Thought I’d share a few shots I took during a visit to the Smithsonian museums in D.C. over the summer. I’m working on my photography skills–I look forward to it being a lifelong endeavor–and discovered that taking shots of something… Continue reading All I Need is a Little Art…

The Number One, Must-Have Survivalist Tool

I attended a Preparedness & Survival Expo in August.  One excellent speaker, Jay Blevins, who has been featured on National Geographic Channel’s “Doomsday Preppers,” talked about the 6 foundational aspects of prepping. At the top of the survival list? Having the proper mindset. This means having the will to survive, even when things get downright ugly, insecure and… Continue reading The Number One, Must-Have Survivalist Tool

Writerly Collaboration

I enjoy spending time with people, talking and sharing ideas, laughing, being outdoors, EATING, drinking wine or brew… but by nature, I’m more the lone wolf. My grandmother taught me as a little person how to entertain myself. I have enough reading materials to keep me busy a couple of lifetimes, and enough writing ideas…… Continue reading Writerly Collaboration

Two Weeks to Rites: Story Origins

Writers are often asked where they get their ideas. Actually, no one has ever asked me that – but I’ve had many very nice offers to write various individuals’ stories because their lives have been so interesting. I aspire to be the person who tells a writer that I’m so interesting, my life absolutely must be written about.… Continue reading Two Weeks to Rites: Story Origins