WIP Character Blog Tour

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Fabulous fiction author, SANDRA R. CAMPBELL, invited Waterfront Writers to join the Meet My Character WIP Blog Tour. Check out her original dark urban fantasies, Butterfly Harvest and Dark Migration HERE! And now for the characters from our latest work-in-progress… What are the names of your main characters? Sloane Price…

WIP Blog Tour

1) What is the name of your character? Is he/she fictional or a historic person? Naomi is a fictional character going through the motions of living her life, when the collective life everyone has known disappears over the course of a few days. 2) When and where is the story set? The story is set… Continue reading WIP Blog Tour

Failure of Imagination

  As part of my research for a book I’m writing, I am reading “The Great Deluge,” by Douglas Brinkley. I’ve actually been reading this book for some time, taking it in small bites for a multitude of reasons. One of those reasons is that it will serve as material for just a section of… Continue reading Failure of Imagination

Two Weeks to Rites – update

A quick announcement: The latest chapter of Two Weeks to Rites has been posted at http://waterfrontwriters.com/. Also, the “Read to Win” Contest is in full-swing… if you’ve been keeping up with the web series, be sure to enter! The clock is ticking…  

Read to Win! (Contest)

Are you a reader of Two Weeks to Rites? Don’t miss the contest… (and it’s not too late to get caught up on this web series!) Contest details here: Read to Win! (Contest).  

TWO WEEKS TO RITES – Chapter Thirteen

Originally posted on Waterfront Writers:
DAY 3 Sloane had been dreaming of turbulent, shark-infested waters when she rolled over and hit ‘Ignore’ on the ringing cell phone. Sitting up, she grimaced as her head screamed in retaliation. After the night she had, she was prepared to feel like crap. Sloane eyed the purple bruise on…